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What factors determine how much alimony you will get?

If you are going through a divorce, you probably have serious concerns about what your financial future will look like. The end of a marriage will probably mean less income, new expenses and other financial adjustments. If you stayed home with your children or earned significantly less than your spouse, you may wonder how you will survive.

One of the most important factors for your financial well-being is spousal support. This type of financial support is from the higher income spouse to help offset the economic inequity that the lesser earning spouse often experiences in a divorce. If you believe that you could be eligible for spousal support, it’s in your interests to learn how these payments work and what determines how much you may get.

Important factors in alimony

A spouse who gave up his or her career to stay home with the kids or who earned significantly less than the other spouse is likely eligible for spousal support. However, there are various factors that can determine how much a person can get. There is no set standard for how much you could get, but the following factors could impact your payment amount:

  • How long it will take you to get additional education, find new employment and reenter the workforce
  • The standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage and how long your marriage lasted
  • The ages, health status, physical conditions, income levels and emotional state of both spouses
  • How well the higher earning spouse can make payments while still having enough to meet his or her needs 

Each case is different, which is why it can be beneficial to understand what things can affect your financial support payments. You have the right to fight for what you deserve, but you also have the right to negotiate on a spousal support settlement with the other party.

What’s best for your future?

When going through a divorce, it is in your interests to keep your focus on what will be best for the future. You may feel strong emotions during this time, but ultimately, how you feel now is not necessarily indicative of what will work long term. It will serve you well to keep your eyes on the ultimate goal, which is your financial stability.

If you believe you have a rightful claim to spousal support payments, you may want to work with a Utah family law attorney who can help you understand how you can pursue a fair settlement and stability for the future.


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