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Asset division can play a role when moving after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage typically means that Utah residents will need to make major changes in their lives. For some, that could mean selling the marital home and finding new living arrangements or at least one person moving out of the home. Moving at any time can be hectic, and when the move takes place due to a divorce, it can be even more challenging, especially due to the outcomes of asset division and other matters.

When moving into a new place, many people may see it as a fresh start after their marriages come to an end. It may bring about mixed emotions, and some parties may wonder how to handle the move. One step that may be useful is to go through items that are sentimental to the marital relationship. Some parties may no longer feel the need to hold on to such items after a divorce, and getting rid of those items may make the move easier.

Whether moving or staying in the home, redecorating could also go a long way after ending a marriage. Having the ability to create a space that reflects one’s own personality could help make the space feel more like home. It may also feel relaxing because the person does not have to check with his or her spouse before making any changes to the decor.

Of course, it is important to remember that moving or getting rid of items during a divorce can be tricky. Taking such steps before the asset division agreement is finalized could also land some parties in legal trouble. If a person takes an asset or gets rid of it before the court decides who it belongs to, conflict could easily arise. As a result, it may be wise for divorcing parties to discuss this topic with their Utah legal counsel before making any moves.


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