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Scheduling and family details can affect child custody terms

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Divorce

Most Utah parents want to avoid putting their children through unnecessarily difficult situations. Unfortunately, not all such events can be avoided, and for many parents, going through divorce is something they may view as a necessary evil, especially when thinking about their kids. Many marital relationships do not work out, but parents can try to continue parenting together through their child custody plans.

Joint custody is one arrangement that can help each parent have nearly equal time with the kids. Though splitting time exactly 50-50 is not always entirely feasible, there are other scheduling options that could help. Some parents may find it fitting for one parent to have the children an entire week while the other parent has the children the entirety of the next week. In other cases, parents may instead want to divvy up days during the week with the kids staying with one parent for a couple of days and the other parent the next couple of days and so on.

Dealing with scheduling is not the only issue that joint custody could present. Though parents may know that this arrangement is likely the best option for the kids, it can be difficult for ex-spouses to continue to interact with each other, especially if the marriage did not end on the best terms. Still, parents may want to remember to refrain from talking badly about each other in front of the kids.

Finding the right child custody arrangements can be difficult. Some Utah parents may feel that joint custody is the right route and others may not. State laws and the specifics of each case can affect the outcomes of custody terms. Concerned parents may want to discuss their desires and possible outcomes with their legal counsel as their cases proceed.


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