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Is it time to divorce, or can you make it work?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2019 | Divorce

You have probably heard people tell you that marriage is hard. Perhaps your own parents told you this on your wedding day, or your friends have tried to comfort you with these words of wisdom. Marriage is not easy, and sometimes you have to work hard to keep it going. However, maybe you are tired of working hard.

You know that every marriage has its good and bad seasons, but you may feel lonely and discouraged if yours hasn’t seen good times in a long while. Divorce is a difficult choice, and you certainly don’t want to make it hastily, but how do you know when the time is right to just let go and move on with your life?

Weighing the questions

Holding on to your indecision is likely to affect many areas of your life. You may find that you suffer from headaches, stomach upset, insomnia or other health problems because you are preoccupied with the troubles in your marriage. You may also notice your other relationships suffering because of your overwhelming frustration. Are you doing your best at work, or are you distracted by your difficult decision?

While there is no one answer that fits every unhappy marriage, you may ask yourself why you stay. Is it for the children? Do you simply feel you have invested too much time and energy into the partnership to walk away? Do you worry there is nothing better for you if you are single again?

Taking time to make a decision

Making any challenging decision is not something you can do effectively when you are in the middle of the turmoil and emotional chaos. Some who are in your situation find that taking some time alone to examine whether they have any more to give to the marriage is a helpful way to clear their heads. It is also wise to try counseling, both as a couple and separately, before determining there is nothing worthwhile to save.

Deciding whether to end your marriage should not be a choice to make without examining all the factors. This includes your financial situation, Utah laws, and your rights concerning property division, child custody and spousal support. Reaching out for solid information from a family law attorney may help you process your confusion and reach a decision that will benefit everyone in the long run.


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