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Maintaining strong relationships after a child custody order

When Utah parents go through divorce, they are ending their marital relationship but not the relationships they have with their kids. To some parents, it may feel as if this will happen due to the outcomes of child custody proceedings. Luckily, depending on the terms of the custody order, even non-custodial parents can do a lot to stay active in their children’s lives.

Parents can maintain strong relationships with their kids by staying in as much contact as possible. If the custody order does not prohibit a non-custodial parent from calling or messaging the children, that parent could check in daily to see how school or other activities went. Additionally, non-custodial parents can stay active in their kids’ lives without direct communication with the kids by ensuring that the school administration sends any important messages or notices to both parents.

Additionally, both parents can also attend school functions and meetings. If the parents no longer get along, they may want to come up with an arrangement in which they sit far away from each other at school events and attend parent-teacher conferences separately. Just seeing both parents in attendance can help children feel supported.

Plus, maintaining an active role in the children’s lives could help a non-custodial parent vie for more parenting time if that is a desired outcome. Child custody orders can be modified by the court, and a non-custodial parent who can show evidence of building strong relationships with their kids may be able to work toward a joint custody modification or another outcome. Because modifications can be tricky, interested Utah parents may want to discuss the matter with their legal counsel.


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