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Child support may still be necessary with joint custody

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Divorce

When Utah parents divorce, they may think long and hard about the custody arrangements they hope to have. In many cases, parents believe that joint custody is right for them and their children, and some may believe that child support is not necessary for such an arrangement. However, that is not always the case.

Certainly, there are some instances in which the court may not consider child support necessary for joint custody arrangements, but for some families, the support may be required. In such cases, rather than having one parent make full payments, a parent’s payments may be reduced. Both parents’ incomes and abilities to pay would go into consideration, and when a support amount is reached, the amount would be split in half if each parent has the children 50% of the time.

It may seem unnecessary for support payments to be made if each parent has equal time with the kids. However, it can still help during the transitional period as it ensures financial stability and can mean less stress for everyone. Because child support is provided for the well-being of the children, making payments even with a joint custody agreement can help ensure that well-being.

It is not unusual for divorcing parents to have concerns over child support. Because a number of factors can go into determining support amounts, each case can have a different outcome. Utah parents who want to make sure that they understand their support obligations and what factors could affect it may find it useful to discuss the topic with their legal counsel.


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