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Custody arrangements can affect child support payments

The outcomes of one Utah divorce case can be vastly different from another. This is particularly true when one case involves parents and the other does not. As a result of divorce, one parent may end up having to pay child support, and that detail can be a cause of concern for some.

The way in which child custody arrangements are made can have an impact on who pays child support and how much. For instance, if the custody arrangement results in one parent having primary physical custody of the children, the other parent will typically need to make support payments in order to fulfill his or her financial obligation for the children. Of course, joint custody arrangements could still present a need for child support, and details of the custody agreement will still affect how much each parent pays.

Another aspect of support that many parents have questions about is the duration of the payments. Commonly, a paying parent must continue making payments until the child reaches adulthood. However, special circumstances may apply, such as the child having special needs and the need for support extending into the adult years or the child entering active-duty military and no longer needing support.

Understanding child support is not always easy, and some Utah parents may have questions about their support order even after their divorce case has come to an end. In such cases, it is wise for individuals to reach out for legal support to gain reliable answers to their questions. Some individuals may have reason to seek a modification of their support order under certain circumstances.


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