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How can you be sure your custody plan will work well?

How will you and your spouse parent after divorce? Even Utah parents who do not necessarily get along see the value in working together to provide their children with stability and security long-term. One practical way to do this is to draft a parenting plan together that will work well for your family.

Divorce is hard, and it is often most difficult for the youngest members of the family. They may feel insecure, and they don’t want to miss time with either parent. Through a reasonable custody order and parenting plan, you can provide your children with the ability to have a strong and meaningful relationship with the two most important people in their lives – their parents. It can be helpful to consider ways you can make sure your plan will work well for years to come.

What is custody?

In the past, courts would frequently award custody to the mother, allowing the dad to have visitation on the weekends. This was seen as the most appropriate for the children as the mother was seen as more capable than the dad. Today, more people see the problem in this reasoning. Dads play a critical role in the lives of their kids, and they deserve to have a say in what happens regarding custody during divorce.

If you and your spouse are working on a parenting plan together, you will want to consider terms that clearly address both types of custody. Legal custody is the ability for parents to make important choices on behalf of the kids, such as those pertaining to religious upbringing and education. Physical custody is the actual time that a parent will have with his or her kids.

Thorough is better

The more thorough your parenting plan is, the better it will be for every member of your family. It will reduce the chance of conflict, confusion and disagreements. Your parenting plan can also include provisions for how you will address these types of issues should they arise after your divorce is final.

If you want to make sure your parenting plan is sufficiently thorough or you have concerns about protecting your parental rights during this process, you may want to start by discussing your concerns with an experienced attorney. Working with a legal counselor can help you understand how you can craft a parenting plan that is beneficial for you and your children.


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