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Is preparing for divorce before the wedding wise?

Getting married is an exciting time in any Utah resident’s life. While many individuals are likely focused on choosing the right venue and caterer, there are other matters that it may be wise to address. Though most couples do not enter into a marriage with the intention to divorce, it is important to prepare for the possibility before tying the knot.

If a couple does choose to end the marriage, it is likely that marital property will be divided. Individuals can prepare for this possibility ahead of time by ensuring that they have paperwork to show that certain assets are separate property. Separate property is typically anything owned before the marriage took place. However, it can be difficult to prove that certain assets were owned prior to marriage, so having documentation before the marriage takes place could prove useful later if needed.

Another way to address property division and other matters is to create a prenuptial agreement. Often, this document can be especially useful to individuals with significant wealth, but it can be useful for anyone. It can detail what each spouse could be entitled to in the event of divorce.

Though most people may not want to talk about such matters before they get married, this discussion does not have to be a negative one. Individuals can use this time to get to know one another better and possibly address any issues that may come up that could prove troubling had they not been discovered until after the wedding. If Utah residents are interested in creating prenuptial agreements or other ways to prepare for the possibility of divorce, they may want to reach out to legal professionals.


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