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Child custody challenges can be overcome even at a distance

Having to be away from their kids can be difficult for any Utah parent. Distance can happen for many reasons, and divorce is a common one. Some parents may end up moving away after ending a marriage, and as a result, there is a considerable distance between one parent and the kids. In such cases, child custody arrangements may be a bit more difficult to manage.

When a significant distance is involved, it is likely that a 50-50 parenting plan is not going to work. Still, parents can do their best to remain in contact with their kids as much as possible, and today, that is easier than ever. Parents can call, text, connect on social media, use Skype or Facetime, and contact their kids in a variety of ways that can allow for both voice and video time together.

Of course, parents can also plan trips so that they and their kids can spend physical time together. It is important that the parent discuss the children’s views on travel to determine what they may be most comfortable with. Some children may prefer that a parent come visit them rather than having to take a long trip themselves.

Keeping long-distance parental relationships strong can seem like a challenge, but fortunately, Utah parents have many options for keeping in contact with their kids. In some cases, a relocation or other issue may mean that parents need to revisit their child custody plans in order to accommodate for those changes. If parents believe that their arrangements may need a modification, they may want to discuss that topic with their legal counsel.


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