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Child support can be a double-edged sword for paying parents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Divorce

After Utah parents get divorced, it is common for there to be a change in financial responsibilities. In many cases, one parent will have to pay child support to the other in order to meet the needs of the children. Though a court order typically details the terms of this arrangement, conflict can still arise over this type of support.

In efforts to avoid conflict, the paying parent can take various steps. For instance, always making support payments on time can lessen the likelihood that the receiving parent will have reason to complain about unpaid support. If the paying parent does fall behind on payments, it is possible for his or her wages to be garnished, or he or she may even face jail time for failure to pay.

It is also important that the paying parent follows the support order. Though it can seem annoying to send money to an ex-spouse, the court order must be followed. The paying parent cannot threaten to withhold payments from the other parent, and the paying parent cannot dictate exactly how the money is spent. The parent who receives the funds determines how it is spent to best suit the needs of the children.

Most parents want to continue providing support to their children, so making child support payments can be a double-edged sword. It can be beneficial to the children, but it can also be difficult to send money to an ex. If Utah parents have concerns over their support arrangements or how to come to the best terms, they may want to discuss the matter with their legal counsel.


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