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A New Year’s resolution to stay healthy could apply to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Divorce

Being healthier is a common goal that many people in Utah set as a New Year’s resolution. While many people think of going on a diet and exercising more as ways to get or remain healthy, it is important to think of mental health as well. It may be particularly important to find ways to remain healthy when going through a divorce.

If a relationship was toxic, it is likely that a divorce will be too. However, even individuals who ended their relationships on good terms can still face contention when dissolving their marriage. If individuals want to have a healthy divorce, they may want to focus on putting kindness and compassion at the forefront. They may be less likely to start conflicts when thinking about the needs of the other party, but showing kindness and compassion to oneself can also help the process remain a healthy one.

During any type of major change in life, it is important to have support. Talking about feelings and other matters with friends and family can help prevent someone from keeping negative emotions bottled up or from feeling alone. Additionally, some people find it helpful to obtain professional support from therapists to learn ways to cope with the changes they face.

Because the start of a new year sees many divorce filings, it is important to find ways to remain mentally and physically healthy. That resolution of eating better and exercising could even come into play during this time. Of course, if Utah residents want to reduce the stress and anxiety around their legal cases, they may want to enlist the help of experienced family law attorneys.


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