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Physical activity during divorce can help combat stress, anxiety

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage can cause major disruptions to any Utah resident’s life. Some people may think that divorce is the best option for their unhappy relationships, and others may feel completely devastated by the turn of events. In either case, it is important to remember that ending a marriage can be a stressful ordeal and that taking care of oneself during this time is important.

When individuals are stressed and overwhelmed, it is common for them to feel unmotivated or even as if they are in some kind of fog. It can be difficult to muster the energy necessary to combat the negative effects of stress, but physical activity can help in many ways. Exercise can help fight feelings of anxiety, depression and stress as well as allow for social interaction if parties go to a gym with friends or take a class.

It is also important to remember that now is the time to focus on oneself and not an ex. Certainly, individuals may wonder how their ex is handling the situation, but dwelling on the other party’s potential feelings does not help a person move on. As a result, focusing on one’s own feelings may help with healing efforts.

Unfortunately, feeling overwhelmed during divorce can happen quickly. After all, numerous changes are taking place over a relatively short period of time, and the legal proceedings can be long and confusing. However, Utah residents can help themselves better handle their cases by reaching out for legal support throughout the proceedings.


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