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Bad behaviors can cause issues during child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a time of stress and conflict for some Utah residents. Though many methods can allow individuals to work through the various proceedings in an amicable way, many people do not feel able to follow those methods. In fact, some parties may believe that child custody and other related proceedings are becoming more contentious.

One possible reason that individuals feel more likely to cause conflict during a case is because bad behaviors see less punishment these days. For example, individuals can post on various social media outlets making offensive comments, and rather than being reprimanded in some way, someone else typically offers an offensive retort. As a result, these contentious, negative behaviors are often fueled and can spill over from online life to real-life situations.

This lack of accountability and lack of consequences can cause people to not think about their behavior as much as they used to. As a result, parents may insult the other parent in front of the children, resort to yelling during divorce proceedings, and spread false information and insults on social media. These behaviors can easily result in cases being drawn out and difficult.

Constant fighting and a lack of accountability for one’s behavior can easily cause problems with child custody proceedings. The court may consider each parent’s behavior and determine what effects those actions could have on the children. If Utah residents want to reach the most favorable custody arrangements possible, they may want to remain aware of their actions and work toward a less contentious case as best as possible.


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