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Women are more likely to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Divorce

Gender inequality has been an issue that people, namely women, have dealt with in various aspects of their lives. From work to home life, many women in Utah and across the country may feel imbalances that leave them less than satisfied with their lives. When this dissatisfaction arises in marriages, it may be women initiating divorce proceedings.

A recent report indicated that it is becoming more prominent for women to file for divorce rather than men. The reasons for this can be many, but one reason in particular is that women are less likely to tolerate bad behaviors in a relationship these days. Rather than feeling as if they must stay in the marriage despite a cheating husband or despite abusive tendencies, more women are leaving those relationships because they do not feel dependent on their husband.

Additionally, women often feel as if they must handle more of the emotional aspects of the relationship, which can take a serious toll. If a husband does not communicate well and only relies on his wife for emotional support, it may make him less likely to leave a marriage. However, because women often have various sources of emotional support, they do not feel the need to remain in an unhappy marriage solely for that support.

No matter who initiates the proceedings, divorce can be difficult to work through. Each case has its own details and complications, and it is important that Utah residents facing this process understand their options. Having legal support could allow interested parties to gain useful insight into working toward the outcomes they desire.


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