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Is living together during divorce possible?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Divorce

When relationships go downhill, it can be difficult for married couples to be around each other. However, even after making the decision to divorce, some individuals may still have to share a home until other arrangements can be made. This can seem stressful, so Utah residents facing this type of scenario may want to consider their options for making the best of an awkward ordeal.

First, it is important to set boundaries. These boundaries can be whatever the individuals deem appropriate for keeping themselves healthy and to prevent them from simply backsliding into negative behaviors relating to their ending relationships. Some examples could include sleeping in separate bedrooms, keeping to different parts of the home, and setting up times when each person could use a certain area of the house, like the kitchen.

Setting up times could also work as part of a greater routine. Parties may agree to have one person handle certain household duties in the morning while the other person takes on evening tasks. It may even be possible for each person to rearrange work schedules so that they are in the home together less often.

In this type of arrangement, remaining as civil as possible toward each other could also be in everyone’s best interests. Of course, during this time it is also important that each party determine what he or she wants out of the divorce and how to approach the case. If divorcing Utah residents can remain civil while living together, they may be able to take an amicable approach to their case as well.


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