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Is emergency divorce a viable option?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Divorce

Wanting to end a marriage quickly is most people’s ideal scenario. Some Utah residents may think that their cases should be addressed before others due to certain circumstances. As a result, they may wonder whether they could file for an emergency divorce that allows them to handle their issues expediently.

Unfortunately, filing for emergency divorce is not a true option for marriage dissolution. Individuals could petition the court in hopes of having their cases moved up, but it is up to the judge to decide whether to allow the privilege. In many cases, the judge can deny this request, and the case will move along in whatever manner of time it takes to complete.

However, that does not necessarily mean that no case has cause to be addressed sooner. In instances where individuals are facing domestic violence or there is evidence of child abuse, cases may be moved up to better ensure the safety of those involved. Of course, in those instances, law enforcement and child protective services will likely become involved to address the potential for danger. Cases in which individuals are afraid of losing property or facing similar negative outcomes if a case is delayed do not constitute emergencies.

Remaining in a situation while feeling fearful is not something any Utah resident wants to experience. If individuals are interested in trying to speed up their divorce cases for their own safety or the safety of their children, they may want to discuss their specific concerns with knowledgeable attorneys. These legal professionals can provide information on how to efficiently address a case and explain options for remaining safe during this time.


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