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Gray divorce could give retirees a happier outlook

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Divorce

Some people may think that once they start closing in on their retirement years, the time for major life changes is over. In reality, those years could offer numerous opportunities for Utah residents to make changes that allow them to live happier lives. In fact, some soon-to-be retirees may even consider gray divorce.

For someone 55 or older, getting divorced can certainly seem risky. After all, the person may have less opportunity to recover financially from the changes that a divorce can bring than someone younger, but less opportunity does not mean it is impossible. Older parties may simply need to have more flexibility and restructure some of their goals. For example, someone who was planning on retiring early or at the typical age of 65 may need to consider working longer and accruing more funds for his or her nest egg.

In addition to flexibility, having the right expectations regarding divorce at an older age could help with planning. Some people may think that because they have worked for years that they will be financially stable on their own, but ending a marriage can mean making lifestyle adjustments. Creating a budget, estimating expenses, and paying close attention to incoming and outgoing funds may not have been necessary before but could be vital after divorce.

If Utah residents feel that an unhappy marriage is holding them back and they do not want to spend their golden years wishing things were different, they may want to consider gray divorce. This process may not be for everyone, but gaining information and determining the possible effects it could have on a person’s particular circumstances could help make a more informed decision. The years ahead still hold numerous opportunities.


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