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Handling child custody conflict with a co-parent

Having kids means creating an unbreakable bond with another person. Though many parents in Utah and elsewhere may choose to divorce, they are still connected through their children, and often, they will need to continue to work together for child custody reasons even after ending their marriage. Parents should certainly do their best to act civilly, but that does not mean conflict is completely unavoidable.

If co-parents find themselves at odds over custody matters, it may only bring back memories about why they chose to divorce in the first place. However, it is important that they try to move past these conflicts for the sake of their kids. Often, this means putting past relationship issues behind them and allowing themselves to see their co-parent as a valuable part of their children’s lives, rather than continually thinking of any wrongs committed during the marriage.

When parties choose to take a positive stance toward a new arrangement, they may set themselves up for less conflict. It may also allow them to have more patience and understanding with the other party as well as themselves. Taking breaks from an emotionally charged conversation, not engaging with the other parent when feeling particularly angry about any issues and not attacking the other parent could all help avoid and better handle conflict in a co-parenting relationship.

Divorce creates a considerable number of changes in people’s lives, and it can be tempting to simply burn bridges. However, parents typically do not have that option, so it is wise to find ways to make co-parenting work with minimal stress and contention. If Utah residents have concerns about their child custody arrangements or believe that changes should be made, they may want to discuss their options with legal professionals.


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