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Building an emotionally healthy life after divorce is possible

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Divorce

Going through the dissolution of a marriage in Utah can no doubt be unsettling from an emotional standpoint. However, this does not mean that individuals who are going through the divorce process have to feel defeated. Divorcing individuals can take some steps to feel a greater sense of control during this process.

First, it is essential that people who are going through divorce avoid trying to alter what cannot be changed. Individuals who are getting divorced may be tempted to wonder whether they could have prevented this by doing certain things differently. However, the reality is that, even if they can change themselves, they cannot change their exes. For this reason, it is wise for them to keep moving forward rather than becoming stuck in the past.

Second, staying connected with family and friends is critical. Divorcing individuals may feel tempted to isolate themselves from others due to feeling disappointed, sad and even embarrassed. However, true friends and family can provide them with the emotional support they need as they transition to their new lives outside of their marriages.

During a divorce, the best situation is for both divorcing parties to try to find common ground when dealing with matters such as child custody and asset distribution. In this way, they can work together to create a mutually beneficial settlement agreement, thus avoiding further court intrusion. However, if they cannot see eye to eye on these matters, an attorney in Utah will be prepared to litigate these issues with the goal of achieving the best outcome for his or her client long term.


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