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Certain people are more prone to divorce than others

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Divorce

Many Utah married couples are struggling in their relationships. No doubt some of them will wind up filing for divorce before all is said and done. While no two relationships are exactly the same, spouses can often relate to others who have gone through similar experiences. 

There are certain groups of people who appear to divorce more often than others. For instance, those who earn a living in the music industry end their first marriages at least 69% of the time. In fact, celebrities are also ranked high on most lists of groups of people who get divorced most often. In this category, half the marriages break up within the first 16 years. 

For married couples who are not celebrities, the same amount of time typically produces three out of 10 relationships that will end in divorce. Some people may assume that the frequency of celebrity divorces has something to do with being wealthy. However, that is not necessarily the case because studies show that wealthy married couples often have more stable relationships than those who struggle financially. 

In Utah marriages where one or both spouses think the other has an inflated ego, chances of the relationship ending in divorce are greater than other marriages where ego is not a problem. Also, many couples automatically think that big opportunities are good for a marital relationship when, in fact, this is often a significant factor toward serious marriage problems. No matter what exact issues cause a break down in a marriage, a spouse considering filing for divorce may want to discuss his or her case with an experienced family law attorney before heading to court.


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