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Social media etiquette during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Divorce

Most Utah residents have some sort of social media account. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, people enjoy using social media as it is a large part of their lives. However, when a person is going through a divorce, it is important to know that social media posts can be used against them in court.

For those going through a divorce, there are several things they should not do with social media.

Do not announce the divorce

An online relationship status should not be changed on social media until the entire process is over. Additionally, you should not post about your upcoming divorce, court dates, or any other court-related matters on social media.

Do not badmouth your spouse

Although it can be tempting to share on social media what all is wrong with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it is not a good idea. Anything that is said online can be used against you in divorce court, and badmouthing your spouse often makes you look bad in front of the Judge or Commissioner. Badmouthing can also aggravate your spouse, which can make them much less likely to cooperate with you on the divorce issues.

Do not incriminate yourself

It is normal for people to post about their large purchases or pictures of themselves on vacation. However, when going through a divorce, it is important to consider how your social media posts may be perceived. Anything showing signs of excessive spending has the potential to affect a divorce settlement. Additionally, if you have a new love interest, they should not be posted on your social media either.

A person going through a divorce will find that a legal professional skilled in family law is a good resource through this emotional time. It can be hard to process everything related to the divorce, so having someone to offer advice regarding social media and other issues in the divorce can help protect a person’s future. If you are interested in speaking to a family law attorney, please call 801-475-8800 for a free consultation.



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