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What is a “gray divorce” and why do couples seek one?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Divorce

A gray divorce is the term coined for those age 50 and up who divorce after a long-term marriage. The divorce rate of those over age 50 is steadily increasing.

Some couples seek a gray divorce after their children are gone and out of the house. They may have spent many years staying together “for the kids,” and once the children are grown, they seek the divorce they may have wanted for many years.

Other couples find that they may have simply grown apart after their children have grown or after retirement. They may have different values and life goals that do not align, making divorce a more sensible option. Many people these days do not see their 50’s or 60’s as the end of life. Rather, they see that they have many years ahead of them, and they do not want to spend these years in an unhappy marriage

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When couples are seeking a gray divorce, they are often at a place in life where they own a significant amount of valuable assets. They may also have substantial funds in retirement accounts and other savings accounts that have accumulated throughout the marriage. Thus, it is extremely important they seek the help they need to ensure these assets are divided fairly. To speak with an experienced family law attorney about a gray divorce, please call Kristopher K. Greenwood & Associates at 801-475-8800.


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