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Understanding the new requirement to share pregnancy expenses

It is important for biological fathers to understand their rights and responsibilities. There is a new requirement stating that it is the duty of the biological father to share in the pregnancy-related expenses for his child. Fathers, and mothers, should understand this new requirement.

Specifics of the new requirement for biological fathers to share pregnancy expenses

According to a new law in Utah, biological fathers are required to pay half of the pregnancy expenses incurred by the mother of their child. Putative fathers do not owe any duty until the paternity of the child is established. Once paternity of the child is established, the biological father owes 50% of the pregnancy-related medical expenses.

Pregnancy-related expenses paid by either parent reduces that parent’s share of pregnancy expenses, but not the overall pregnancy expenses that must be shared equally between the two parents. This rule applies whether it is the mother or father that pays a particular pregnancy-related expense.

General child support and child custody responsibilities

In general, biological fathers have a duty to financially support their children once paternity has been established after the child is born. Putative fathers can request DNA testing to establish paternity.

Once paternity has been established, child support and child custody can also be established. Biological fathers have both rights and responsibilities for their children. The family law system is designed to help parents and families through legal challenges they may face. This is why it is helpful to be familiar with the laws related to it and any changes to them.


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