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For some, divorce parties bring closure in a fun way

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2012 | Divorce

There is a good chance that you know somebody who has gotten a divorce. But have you been a guest at a party meant to mark the end of a marriage, complete with dancing, cake and the chance to help destroy the wedding dress?

Perhaps most people in Utah have not gone to a “divorce party,” but these events have become big business around the U.S. in recent years. One party planner who specializes in divorce parties said her business has tripled over the last nine years

The parties are typically festive — think champagne and a sash reading “just divorced” — and frequently adult in nature. Another party planner offers a VIP excursion to a strip club. More private affairs may involve a group of friends holding a pool party or a private dinner. When going through a planner, the parties can be expensive. Some planners charged up to $20,000 for one party.

Piñatas are a popular feature. Ex-wives often request ones resembling their former husbands or in more risqué shapes.

Obviously, parties are not for everyone who is going through divorce. While divorce is often the only solution to a marriage that is beyond repair, it still can be emotionally traumatic to suddenly find oneself single again after being with the person you at one time believed you would grow old with. Some people prefer to vent their feelings in a public, humorous way, while others prefer a more private version of healing. Which way would readers prefer?

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