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Utah man arrested for DUI after police pursuit

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | DUI

Sometimes, Utah residents make poor choices and get into their vehicles after consuming alcohol. When that happens, it is possible that they could get into an accident or be pulled over by law enforcement officials. If an officer suspects the driver of being impaired, an individual could end up being taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

An accident brought a Utah man to the attention of police when officers were searching for a vehicle that fled the scene of the crash. An officer’s dash camera was recording when the officer initiated the pursuit of a vehicle that appeared to be speeding. There is a portion of the footage where the vehicle he began chasing is not visible.

The officer appears to catch up to a vehicle that looks like the suspect car as it appears to speed into a neighborhood. After the vehicle is once again out of site, the officer drives upon an accident. The alleged vehicle he was chasing appears to have crashed into a parked pickup truck in the driveway of a home. Reportedly, the pickup truck was pushed into the garage where it hit a vehicle inside the garage. The video footage then shows officers taking the man into custody.

This may sound like an open-and-shut case for Utah prosecutors. However, this man is entitled to the presumption of innocence regardless. Further, he has the right to review all of the evidence prosecutors intend to use against him in connection with the suspected DUI and the chase, including the dash camera footage.

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