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Chris Rock’s divorce apparently comes down to money

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Divorce

When Chris Rock filed divorce papers in Dec. 2014, he made it clear that he wanted to share custody of his two children with his soon-to-be ex-wife. Utah readers may not yet be aware that, since that time, the pair agreed to a joint custody arrangement. It may not be as easy for the couple to come to an agreement about money, however, as the divorce progresses.

Rock’s estranged wife intends to fight for a significant portion of Rock’s fortune. Currently, that fortune is estimated at $70 million. She claims she is entitled to a portion of Rock’s money in order to maintain the standard of living to which she became accustomed during the marriage. In support of this contention, she points out that she gave up a public relations career in order to stay home and raise the couple’s children.

When the couple got married in 1996, they signed a prenuptial agreement. That agreement would have governed a large portion of the current divorce proceedings, but the expiration date outlined in the document has passed. Therefore, it will be necessary to either come to an agreement on their own or allow the court to make the determination on their behalves.

Rock’s situation may be a warning to newly engaged Utah couples to reconsider putting an expiration date on their prenuptial agreements. No one can predict the future, and some couples find themselves divorcing after decades together. When it comes to significant sums of money, even the most amicable divorce can become contentious, so if the decisions are made ahead of time, a court battle may be avoided.

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