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Utah man is facing charges for DUI and other alleged crimes

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2015 | DUI

A traffic stop initiated after what a police officer alleges was a short pursuit, ended with the driver in the back of the patrol car. The report of the incident characterizes the accused man as being combative and uncooperative. In fact, the events that took place during the traffic stop have left the Utah man facing charges for DUI, damage to a jail and obstruction of justice, among other things.

The officer claims to have seen a vehicle traveling at approximately 15 mph over the posted 60 mph speed limit. The officer gave chase with his lights and sirens activated and claims the driver of the vehicle attempted to elude him. When the vehicle finally came to a stop in a parking lot, the officer suspected the man of being intoxicated.

The report notes that the driver supposedly denied and then admitted to drinking. A field sobriety test was performed, which the officer alleges the man failed. The officer claims that the driver urinated in the back of the police car and caused other damage to the patrol car, which the officer claims to have on tape.

The man declined to take a breath test, requiring the officer to obtain a search warrant for a blood draw. Supposedly, the Utah man said that he would not allow his blood to be drawn by medical personnel. At last report, he was being held at the Washington County Purgatory Correctional Facility.

Just because this man if facing charges for DUI and other infractions does not mean that he is guilty or can be denied due process of law. He is entitled to review the evidence prosecutors intend to present to the court and to confront the witnesses against him. Sometimes, even cases that seem open and shut when first reported in the media result in reduced charges or an outright dismissal.

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