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Witnesses describe stop of suspected DUI driver on I-15

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | DUI

Two men traveling northbound on Interstate 15 had no idea why a Utah Highway Patrol vehicle was slowing down traffic. It was not until they came around a bend that they saw headlights heading toward them in their lane. The wrong-way vehicle was eventually stopped, and its driver was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

Reports indicate that the UHP received several calls concerning a car heading south in the northbound lanes of the highway. A trooper managed to catch up to unsuspecting northbound vehicles just in time to avert a tragedy. He then sped toward the oncoming vehicle and clipped it on the rear. The trooper’s vehicle then hit the concrete barrier dividing the highway, and the wrong-way vehicle spun out and came to a stop.

Due to the trooper’s heroic efforts, no one suffered any injuries, including the driver of the vehicle that was headed in the wrong direction. Now, the man behind the wheel of that car will have to contend with the possibility of facing charges for driving under the influence. It could be some time before Utah officials determine whether he was impaired that night, but that does not mean that he should delay obtaining counsel.

A conviction for DUI can have numerous adverse effects on an individual’s life. It is imperative that anyone suspected of driving under the influence engage criminal defense counsel as quickly as possible to ensure that his or her rights were not violated. Furthermore, if any field sobriety or breath tests were done at the scene, they need to be reviewed to determine whether they were properly conducted and that any equipment used was not malfunctioning. The sooner these matters are investigated, the sooner the option for the best possible outcome of the situation can be determined.

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