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Utah woman charged with DUI and wrong-way driving

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | DUI

Though allegations of driving under the influence are relatively common, each person facing such charges may have a unique perspective on their cases. One woman in Utah was recently charged with DUI, and as a result, she may wish to determine her best options for addressing those allegations. The charges stem from an event in which she was reportedly driving the wrong way on the Interstate.

Apparently, the woman was traveling north in the southbound lanes of I-215. At times, her speed reached approximately 80 mph, and at other times, her speed would fall to approximately 30 mph. A state trooper eventually blocked the woman’s path of travel with his vehicle in order to get her to stop. The attempt was reportedly successful, and both vehicles were moved from the roadway.

The officer purportedly smelled alcohol on the woman’s breath and inside her car. She also apparently underwent a blood-alcohol concentration test, which allegedly indicated that her BAC level was twice the legal limit at .166 percent. As a result, she was recently charged for DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road and for not having insurance.

Being charged with DUI and other allegations could have serious impacts on the Utah woman’s life. Therefore, she may wish to take the time to understand her legal options as best as possible. Gaining information from reliable local legal resources could help her ensure that the knowledge she obtains is accurate, which will likely allow her to feel more confident in her decision-making as her case moves forward.

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