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Broaching the topic of divorce with kids can prove challenging

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Divorce

Utah residents who have decided to move forward with dissolving their marriages may dread many aspects of the process. For parents, one of those most dreaded steps may be breaking the news to their children that their parents are getting divorce. Because divorce can be a sensitive topic for most children, parents may want to take a caring approach to the discussion.

Many children may have conflicted reactions when they find out that their parents no longer want to be married. They may think they had something to do with the marital issues or that their lives will never be the same. While the latter may be true due to the many changes that come with divorce, it does not mean that the children will lose the love or relationships associated with their parents in most cases.

Parents may want to prepare for a variety of potential scenarios. Some children may storm off, and others may cling to their parents. Additionally, younger kids may not fully understand the news and may ask numerous questions. Whatever the reaction, children could benefit from having their parents listen, provide love and reassure them.

Because divorce affects each family and each child differently, the way Utah parents discuss the topic with their kids may vary. The child custody decisions that each parent makes will also depend on their specific circumstances. However, each person should remember to keep the best interests of the children in mind. Gaining more information on possible custody options and arrangements may help concerned individuals determine what decisions may best suit the needs of their children and the goals of the parents.

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