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DUI charge leveled against Utah woman after head-on collision

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2018 | DUI

Being suspected of a crime can be a difficult predicament to handle. There are many ways that allegations for DUI in particular can be addressed, but if individuals are missing the right information, they may not know what their options are. Fortunately, parties facing this type of ordeal should have opportunity to gain helpful knowledge related to their cases.

One woman in Utah may want to learn more about the allegations that were recently brought against her. Reports indicated that the woman was driving a vehicle westbound when she failed to remain in the correct lane when going through a curve. As a result, her SUV collided head-on with another vehicle that was heading east. The driver of the eastbound vehicle did not suffer serious injuries in the incident.

The woman was taken from the scene in order to be assessed for neck and head pain. Authorities believe that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash and charges for DUI, driving on an alcohol restricted license and driving on a denied driver’s license were pending. The woman was reported as being 31 years old.

Because the woman has apparently had issues involving DUI in the past, she could potentially face harsher consequences if she is convicted of these current charges. Nonetheless, she still has the ability to defend against the charges leveled against her. Obtaining information from local Utah legal resources regarding her defense options may help her determine what courses of action she may feel most comfortable pursuing.

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