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Driver and passenger both facing DUI charges after Utah crash

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | DUI

It is not unusual for multiple people to face criminal charges in relation to a single event. However, it may seem highly uncommon for two individuals to face DUI charges when only one vehicle was involved in a crash. However, this type of situation recently took place in Utah.

Reports stated that a woman was driving a vehicle in which her grandson was a passenger. At approximately 10:45 a.m., the man purportedly grabbed the steering wheel after getting into an argument with his grandmother. As a result, the vehicle swerved off the road and almost hit a jogger. The vehicle then went through a fence and collided with the side of a house.

The jogger stated that the vehicle was speeding, which caused her to feel wary and pay attention to it. As a result, she was able to jump out of the way when it swerved. The report stated that the driver had a blood alcohol concentration level just over the legal limit, but an exact reading was not given. It was also unclear what the man’s BAC level was, but nonetheless, both the man and woman were charged with DUI.

Due to the unusual nature of this Utah case, with both the driver and passenger facing DUI charges, it may prove wise for the individuals to obtain more information on their cases. Learning more about the charges and their criminal defense options may help them determine the best way to approach their legal predicaments. Obtaining information from local legal resources could help them ensure that the knowledge they obtain is reliable and applicable.

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