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Violating preliminary divorce orders could cause complications

Deciding to end their marriages may not have been the best days for many Utah residents. However, the choice may have been necessary for their particular circumstances. Still, they must now work through the legal proceedings associated with divorce, and many may have numerous questions about how to handle the process successfully.

For some, it may be important to remember that any orders a court issues before the divorce is finalized must be followed. These preliminary orders may pertain to financial issues, temporary child custody, restraining orders and other important aspects that need addressing before the final judgment of the court. Though these are preliminary, they are still legally binding, and if one or both parties involved violate the terms of those orders, serious repercussions could result, including possibly spending time in jail.

Additionally, parents may want to remember that they may not have the ability to move away with their kids soon after separating. Though finding a new place to live may be necessary, if a parent moves away with the kids before a custody arrangement is made, the action could cause serious complications. In some cases, a parent could even be charged with kidnapping if it appears that he or she is trying to leave the area with the kids without an existing written agreement or court order in place.

For many Utah residents, each step they make during their divorce proceedings could have serious impacts on the outcomes of their cases. As a result, it is wise for concerned parties to consult with their legal counsel before making any sudden or drastic moves. Having the right information for their cases could help individuals ensure that they do not make their matters more complicated than necessary.


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