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Concerns over co-parenting and child custody arrangements

As parents, many Utah residents often wonder whether they are making the right choices for their kids. This concern could feel particularly prevalent when deciding to divorce and, later, making child custody arrangements. No parent wants to feel as if he or she has harmed the children, but choosing not to co-parent could feel that way.

Some parents may feel that seeking sole custody could have negative impacts on their children’s emotional well-being because it would prevent the children from regularly seeing their other parents. However, some circumstances may make it worse on the children to be in a co-parenting or joint custody situation. For example, if one parent has violent or abusive tendencies, allowing that parent unsupervised and regular contact with the kids may prove detrimental.

Co-parenting is also not a viable option if one parent simply refuses to act like a parent. An unwillingness to parent means that the parent will likely also be unwilling to work with the other parent at all when it comes to the kids. As a result, one parent may need to prove to the court that the other parent is unfit.

The worry of whether parents make the right choices for their kids will likely never go away. Still, Utah parents need to make difficult decisions for the safety and well-being of their children. In some cases, that may mean limiting time with the other parent through child custody arrangements, but it is always wise to consider all available options before making a decision.


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