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Be mindful of actions during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage affects each person differently. Some people may feel as if this is a step in the right direction while others may feel blindsided by the situation and wonder how it came to be. Still, divorce is sometimes unavoidable, and as Utah residents’ cases proceed, it is wise to be prepared.

Parties may want to be particularly mindful about the way they act before and during their cases. Though some may feel hurt about a divorce filing, it is not wise to act harshly, such as by damaging a soon-to-be ex’s property. Some may think that throwing out an ex’s clothes or favorite items could be cathartic, but really, it could send a negative message to a judge during court proceedings.

Additionally, now is not the time for individuals to bad-mouth their exes on social media. Again, some people may think venting online could help them process their emotions, but social media posts are more commonly becoming evidence in divorce cases. As a result, it is typically wise to refrain from social media use during legal proceedings and to find emotional support from loved ones or even therapists.

Acting irrationally in any capacity during this time could have major impacts on divorce outcomes. Utah residents certainly do not want to unnecessarily jeopardize their chances of reaching agreeable terms to their cases, so they may want to find the options of working toward their goals that best suit their circumstances. Reaching out for legal support during this time could help with that endeavor.


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