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Child support on the minds of many parents during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce results in many life changes, and it can be a considerable upheaval to both personal and financial affairs. Due to the changes in household income, it is often necessary for custodial parents to receive child support to help meet the needs of their children. Of course, this can be a difficult point to come to during legal proceedings.

Typically, the terms of a child support order are handed down by the court. The parents’ financial details, the needs of the children, time spent with each parent and various other factors could all go into a judge’s consideration when determining the amount of support that might be appropriate for a given situation. Of course, Utah laws relating to this type of support will also come into play.

Just as divorce has caused a significant life change, many other events in life can have that effect as well. As a result, the terms that work for support at the time of the divorce may no longer work in the future. If a parent finds that his or her circumstances have changed substantially, those changes may warrant a modification to the support order if it results in an inability to pay for the paying parent or in the need for more support for the recipient.

Among the many terms created during a divorce, those for child support are immensely important. Understandably, many Utah parents may have specific concerns regarding how this part of their cases will turn out. If they wish to have more information on this type of support, discussing the topic with their legal counsel may be helpful.


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