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Child custody: Supporting children after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage can come as a shock to many people. One spouse may not have seen it coming, or both spouses may be surprised that their relationship reached this point. It is also not unusual for any children the couple have to feel shocked and dismayed to learn that their parents are getting divorced, which can often prompt worry in Utah parents, especially in regard to child custody.

Each parent can decide how to approach parenting after ending a marriage. Of course, the child custody agreement could play a role in various decisions that each parent is allowed to make. Still, one way that parents can help their kids with divorce is by being physically and emotionally present with the children. Sometimes, just seeing a parent show up to a sporting event or other activity can be comforting to children, and sometimes, they may need to talk about how they are feeling.

It is also commonly helpful to maintain effective communication with the other parent. One party may no longer want to have a personal relationship with the other parent, but when kids are involved, some type of connection is always present. It may help some parents to consider the other parent as a business partner that they work with toward the common goal of ensuring the well-being of the children.

Because child custody terms can have a major impact on how parents interact with each other and with the kids, it is important that Utah parents know what they are getting into with their specific arrangements. Because state laws and details of their cases could affect the outcomes of custody proceedings, it is wise to understand the process involved with coming to terms. Parents may want to discuss their wishes and concerns with their legal counsel as they work toward the best outcomes.


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