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Behavior changes in children common during and after divorce

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Divorce

Having children is often a great joy. Of course, any Utah parent understands that a great deal of worry also comes with that joy. It is natural to worry about everything a child does and how the parents’ actions will affect their kids. When the parents decide to end the marriage, they will certainly have concerns about the impacts of divorce.

For parents with these concerns, it is important to keep in mind how children may think during this time. It is not unusual for kids to feel hurt and disappointed that one parent will not be living with them anymore, and they may even believe that they somehow contributed to the divorce. As a result, it is important that parents reassure their children that they did nothing wrong or anything to negatively affect their parent’s marriage.

It is also important for parents to understand that children may think they can do something that will prevent the divorce or that will cause their parents to get back together. Some children may try to act perfectly in hopes that it will cause less stress for their parents, and other children may act out in hopes that their behavior will force their parents to interact. Either of these actions can be difficult for the children and parents, so it is wise to approach behavior changes after divorce in a sensitive manner.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges that parents face when going through divorce is coming to the best child custody terms. This process is not as easy as some Utah parents may hope, and more factors may play a role in coming to terms than anticipated. Still, parents have rights and legal options for creating the best arrangements for their children.


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