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Divorce can seem frightening when emotional abuse is involved

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Divorce

Unfortunately, numerous people face various types of abuse in their relationships. Some Utah residents may contend with emotional abuse on a regular basis and wonder what to do. For some, the decision to divorce may be their best option for breaking free and moving forward in life in a healthier way.

One form of emotional abuse that some individuals may face is gaslighting. This type of abuse involves someone trying to make another person question his or her own sanity by refuting facts, claiming that events did not happen, lying and generally making the other person feel as if he or she does not remember things clearly. Abusers often use this tactic as a way to manipulate the other person in order to maintain control.

Understandably, victims of this type of abuse may want to leave such a relationship. However, it may be wise to keep the decision to divorce quiet until certain matters have been handled. Going through the steps to start the legal process and then telling the abusive spouse about the desire to divorce may help prevent manipulative efforts to keep the victim from filing. Additionally, if a person believes that telling an abuser about wanting a divorce could lead to additional harm, it may be worthwhile to pursue a temporary restraining order against the abuser.

Taking such a major step can be frightening. After all, victims of abuse are often afraid that any attempts to reclaim their lives will only lead to more abuse. This is why is it important that Utah residents in this type of situation understand that they can have legal advocates on their side. Having such support could help them move forward with their divorce and the rest of their lives.


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