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Relocating in Utah following a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Child Custody

It is not unusual for a person to move in Utah. They may move due to a new job, to reside at a location with a better cost of living or to be near family. If you are divorced with a child, and are planning to move, first consult your child custody and parenting order. In your custody and parenting order arrangements for what to do if one parent needs to move away may be included. If not, Utah law has a process for when one parent wants to move 150 or mor miles away from the other parent.

The Notice of Relocation

At least 60 days before a parent moves, the moving parent must give the other parent a Notice of Relocation. This notice must include information about the upcoming move including how they plan on making parenting time work and including a promise that they will not interfere with the other parent’s parent-time. The notice can include a suggested parenting time schedule, a suggested division of transportation costs or a suggested reimbursement for transportation costs.

A relocation hearing

If a parent disagrees with something in the Notice, they can move the court for a hearing. At the hearing, the judge will determine whether relocation is in the child’s best interests, including whether a change of custody is necessary. The judge will also determine who will be granted parent-time, when they will have this time and who will pay the costs, which could end up affecting child support payments.

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