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Custody planning for summer break

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Child Custody

Summer vacation can be a great time for kids to recharge at the end of a long school year. Utah parents may enjoy the summer months because it gives them uninterrupted time with their kids and opportunities to travel together. Summer vacation can, however, be difficult when parents share custody of their children.

Before a parent plans a trip or experience with their child for the summer, they should be prepared to work within the terms of their custodial agreements and orders. If they have questions about what they are allowed to do, they can contact their trusted family law attorneys. This post is informational in nature and does not provide legal advice.

Before making plans for a summer trip

As stated, it is important that parents understand what they can and cannot do with their kids based on the terms of their child custody orders. If a parent shares custody, they may not be able to schedule trips with their children that interfere with the scheduled time the children have planned with the other parent. If a parent violates the terms of their custody order and interferes with the other parent’s rights, they may face sanctions for their actions.

Steps to take to avoid summer custody problems

There are many ways that parents can work within the limits of their custodial orders and avoid problems. For example, keeping the lines of communication open between parents can help ensure that everyone knows what each has planned for the summer months. Additionally, parents should make their plans far in advance of their intended travels so that they do not surprise their children or the other parent with proposed custodial changes.

Summer can be a fun time for all families, and child custody questions do not have to prevent parents from spending quality time with their children. Support from trusted family law attorneys can help parents find appropriate ways to work with their custodial rights and to have positive summer experiences with their children.



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