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Addressing issues with custodial and parent-time interference

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Child Custody

Following a separation or divorce, some parents fight hard to prioritize the limited amount of time they get to spend with their children. Although life can sometimes throw complications into their schedules, parents should be able to count on their custody arrangements and the goodwill of their co-parents to have their court-ordered intervals with their children.

Unfortunately, some parents struggle to spend time with their children even when it is their legal right. They may experience interference from their co-parents that directly impacts their parent-time with their children.

Types of custodial and parent-time interference

Interference with parent-time and custody rights can be obvious or ambiguous. In some cases, a parent may feel the direct animosity and challenges of their co-parent through overt actions, such as failing to drop their child off for parent-time or attempting to unilaterally change the days or times each parent has their child.

In other interference situations, parents may notice that they have limited access to their child when the child is with the other parent. They may not be able to reach their child by phone or text, or their child’s other parent may interfere with their conversations while they are happening. Indirect interference can be just as damaging as direct interference when it comes to a parent’s relationship with their child.

What can a parent do about interference from a co-parent?

It can feel impossible to address interference problems in a co-parenting relationship. Although some parents may be able to resolve these issues together, for others, interference remains a long-term problem, and additional steps are necessary to address it.

There are no easy answers to remedy the problems of custody and parent-time interference because each situation is unique. Therefore, it is important for parents to find counsel that they trust to help guide them through this challenging situation.

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